Bono at Prince's Show at the House of Blues Last Night

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Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly
No, that's not Bono singing with Prince from last night. According to gossip blogger Dr Funkenberry, a very devoted Prince follower, Bono was at the third of Prince's House of Blues shows on Sunset last night. He told us, "Prince called him out one time but he did not come out. What could have been." Still, it was definitely a star-studded affair.
Tom Cruise, Dan Aykroyd, No Doubt's Tony Kanal, Cornel West, David Spade, Tavis Smiley, Bono and Charlie Sheen were all there to witness a super-intimate night with Prince. I still feel bad for Cubensis, but there's no way that the House of Blues would've seen this wattage of star power without the Purple one.

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Wow.  That's like the ultimate list of people I would never hang out with... including the singer formerly known as Mr. Crack Smokin' Jehovah Witness dude.


Ran into Craig from Cubensis at the House of Blues show last night. Apparently, the House of Blues contacted him and comped him with two tickets for the 8 pm show. He wasnt sure if it was due to your blog but I'm pretty sure it was because he received the call from HoB very shortly after you ran your story. We had a good laugh over your characterization of him having a "hissy fit". And he was thankful because, well, it got him comped to a Prince concert. Needless to say he was blown away by Prince's performance. But no one in the building danced as hard as Tom Cruise who was grinning like a cheshire cat during the entire performance.

Lille Bose
Lille Bose

Haha! Like I said, no disrespect intended...anyway I think I'll call Craig and ask what he thought of the show :D


Yeah, um, you're on your own Lille.

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