Four Things on Bob Dylan's 70th Birthday Wish List

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Bob Dylan turns 70 May 24, a big event for both the music icon and his fans, who are flooding the Internet with tributes.

All the praise must be nice, but what kind of gift can you get the icon who has everything money can buy? Plenty, as it turns out. We spoke to a source deep within Dylan's camp and compiled a list of what Minnesota's favorite son really wants.

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Geoffrey Chambers
Geoffrey Chambers

That's a fairly fatuous list, though the first wish does have serious merit. Most Dylan biographers and observers don't have a clue as to who influenced what song or what those songs mean, yet they insist on filling their pages with pronouncements as if they were Moses returning from the mount. The only one who knows is Dylan, and he, unlike the Burning Bush, just ain't saying, nor should he. Don't follow leaders... and you don't need a weatherman... - among other key phrases - sez it all.


Just don't try and upload any Dylan stuff to You Tube. Whoever controls his music will have you kicked off the site.

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