Arnold Schwarzenegger Inspires Bloody Death Skull's 'Judgment Day: The Musical'

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And really, this isn't an Arnold Schwarzenegger post--Ned Raggett already took care of that. Rather, this is another Rapture-related post. Bloody Death Skull wrote the 16-song opus for the end of the world, "Inspired by Terminator 2."

Doesn't really look like a band called Bloody Death Skull, huh?
Download two songs here--the full musical will be up in the morning. The whole set was written for ukulele using four chords so that anyone can learn them, because "we're all in this together, the end of the world, that is," says Daiana Feuer, who sings, plays ukulele, toy race car, and large comb in the band.

Best of all? It's free! (Who needs money when the world is ending, anyway?) Feuer adds, "if anyone is interested in obtaining a free digital songbook of the musical, they can email"

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