Akon at Sutra on Friday Night

Monica Luhar
May 27, 2011
Sutra - Costa Mesa

The crowd went wild during the third day of the 5ive + 1 Memorial Day weekend celebration featuring Akon and DJ E-Man. Strobe lights, streamers, fog machines and drinks filled the club while DJ E-Man busted some great beats to keep the audience enthralled. Akon performed a few of his new songs off of his upcoming album Stadium, including songs from his older albums like Locked Up, Beautiful and Dangerous. When he sang his song, "Lonely," he gave a puppy dog stare to all the ladies in the house and said, "Don't worry baby, you're not gonna be lonely tonight, I got you." Of course, he also performed the popular "Smack That" as well. Plenty of people in the crowd smacked each others' asses and grinded the night away while keeping the energy flowing throughout the dance floor.
Monica Luhar
Akon and Colby O'Donis

Jeffree Star and Colby O'Donis even surprised the audience by coming out to support Akon. According to Star's recent status update on Facebook, he's partying with Akon in Vegas all weekend long: "LAS VEGAS all weekend with Akon...gonna be FUCKING CRAZY!!!! fuck sleep, bring on the Captain Morgan."

Monica Luhar
Monica Luhar
Colby O'Donis
During the performance, there was also a lot of champagne poppin', jerkin' and overall--a hyper crowd screaming at the top of their lungs. At one point, a bunch of ladies in stilettos pushed their way through the crowd just to get the chance to touch Akon's hand. It felt as though I were at an NSYNC concert--pushed by annoying girls waiting to see Lance Bass.

Despite the suffocating atmosphere and a full-out brawl on the dance floor, the night was truly epic. The security was pretty heavy throughout the night--there were bodyguards at every corner of the room, and areas that were blocked off for VIP. I luckily got in early when I checked in at the will call booth. But I'm assuming the line to see Akon was super long because by the time Akon performed on stage, the entire patio area, stage, and lounge area was flooded with people.

Random Notebook Dump: Things I may have missed when I stepped outside for a while: Jeffree Star playing his song, "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party"; singing on stage with Akon; Akon performing "I Just Had sex" live.

Critic's Bias: I am a religious Akon listener. Can't wait to listen to his new album!

The Crowd: Mostly ladies over 40+ in skimpy outfits, and older men trying to hit on college students. Oh, and there were also some awesome guys doing the Dougie at some point.

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