Vince Neil's Domestic Battery Treatment Plan

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Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was charged with domestic violence in Las Vegas on Friday after allegedly poking his ex-girlfriend in the arm during an argument.

Neil, 50, has vowed to fight the charges in court, which means we will all be treated to hilarious footage of the glam rocker testifying in a designer suit and ponytail while trotting out a cadre of gaudy showbiz character witnesses.

What's in store for the "Home Sweet Home" singer if he's found guilty? Jail time seems a stretch for the otherwise amiable party dude, but court-ordered counseling is almost guaranteed.

We looked into different treatments out there and ran them by a therapist (who asked to remain anonymous) to see which one might help Neil keep his hands to himself.

Group Therapy


Court-ordered group therapy is the norm for domestic violence perps, who typically must sit in circles of 12 and hash out their animosities toward women while learning less combustible ways to settle arguments. Cost-effective and justly demeaning to participants, "group" can be a learning experience for some, a drag for others. How about for Neil?

The Pros: "As an entertainer, Mr. Neil is paid to engage large crowds of strangers. He's a people person. He's comfortable in groups. He could get a lot out of it."

The Cons: "Mr. Neil could be a major distraction. I would be wary of him in any group that I was leading. The temptation would be great to ask him stories about groupies and that sort of thing. Not just for the other participants, but for the therapist, too. I mean, he's the singer for Motley Crue."

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