The DOs and DON'Ts of Using the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass to Avoid Looking Silly

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The greatest thing about the new Nintendo 3DS hardware has to be its StreetPass feature. This feature can very well change the way we play handheld gaming devices, and will encourage 3DS players to take their portable gaming into the public.

StreetPass mode is activated when your 3DS is on standby, and will transmit all sort of data to other 3DS players who just happen to be walking by. Information such as your Mii avatar, profile information, and game-specific info will be sent to 3DS owners that you walk across on the street, and vise versa. On a normal stroll through town, you can potentially "meet" another player's dog in Nintendogs, exchange ghost replay data in Ridge Racer or have your Street Fighter IV team battle others. You can even collect other players' Mii avatars and form your own army with the built in "Find Mii" game.

Be warned, though--you can potentially look very silly by trying to take advantage of this wonderful feature. Don't let this fear prevent you from experiencing such an innovative gameplay feature, though. The following are tips in order to make the most out of using the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass feature without looking creepy and silly.

The DON'Ts of Using the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass

DON'T Walk TOO Close to Anyone You Suspect Has a 3DS. That's Creepy!
Don't worry about getting too close, the 3DS can catch a StreetPass signal from up to 100 feet (30m) away.
So you see someone that you think may have a Nintendo 3DS system. How close do you have to get in order to get a StreetPass with this person? Luckily, you don't have to get up close and personal with him in order to exchange data. That can be creepy and dangerous! According to Nintendo's website, the 3DS can pick up the signal from another system within 98.4 feet or roughly 30 meters.

So keep your distance and avoid looking like a stalker. Soon enough, you'll receive his Mii avatar along with his profile, game data, and all sorts of information. Now, you can be a stalker.

DON'T StreetPass with a Regular Nintendo DS Game in Sleep Mode
If there's a regular NDS game in there, you're not going to get a StreetPass.
The StreetPass feature is deactivated once you boot up a regular ol' DS game, and that includes when you put the game in sleep mode. Fortunately, the system will still keep track of the number of steps you take using the built-in pedometer, and will still award you those precious "coins" to spend. Just make sure you exit the game at least once every seven days in order for the system to save the steps and coins you've accrued. If you want to activate StreetPass, you're going to have to exit to the home screen.

DON'T Carry Around Your System in a Fanny Pack
Fanny pack Guy.JPG
Flickr user boogerfingers
Because you absolutely DO NOT want to look like this guy.

DON'T Try to Get StreetPasses Near Elementary Schools
Playground 3DS.JPG
Flickr user ihsaniye
Sure, it may seem like a good idea to try to StreetPass connection near elementary schools. Since this is a large volume of gaming youth in one concentrated area, you're bound to come across another 3DS player, right? Think again.

If you're old enough to afford the hefty $250 price tag of the 3DS, you're probably too old to hang around elementary schools without looking like a total creep. Besides, kids can't afford the system anyway. You're better off trying your luck in better places (which will be addressed later).

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