Kobe Bryant Stars in Chinese Hip-Hop Video

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Hey, if that whole basketball thing doesn't work out, Kobe Bryant can always launch a second career making cameos in hip-hop videos overseas. The versatile Laker is featured in "Tian Di Yi Dou" ("World Battle"), a music video starring Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou,
which also seems to be a glorified commercial for Sprite. 

Bryant mostly makes funny faces into the camera and blocks the ball from his much-smaller opponent (sad!), as Chou and his dancers do pops, locks and spins on a shiny black court. The song rivals Rebecca Black's "Friday" in both lyrics (Jay Jay Jay Chou / Chou Chou Chou Jay / Ko Ko Ko Be / Be Be Be Ko) and autotuned awesomeness. It also gets a little funnier every time you watch it.

According to a YouTube commenter, all proceeds of the MV go to building basketball courts for underprivileged children in rural China. Sweet.

See the video after the jump! 

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