Was Vanessa Hudgens Doing Coke at Coachella?

While we were busy standing in line at the Porta-potties at Coachella, it seems Miss ex-High School Musical chick Vanessa Hudgens was busy getting down with some white substance. (Check out the photo on Jezebel.com.)

Now, now, we've taken a great interest in this white, almost paste-like, gooey thing on her finger, zooming in and everything, which will be TMZ's breaking news of the day, and after careful consideration, we're going to say Hudgens is consuming . . .

Picot! (Perhaps). And if you don't know what that is, it's "a carbonate type aid for acid indigestion, and it comes in the form of a powder that you dissolve in water," or it can be eaten in pure form and without water.

Because why else would Hudgens partake in full disclosure of drugs out in the open, when you can easily hide behind a palm tree or go in the VIP area and snort away? Makes no sense.

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T.J. O'pootertoot
T.J. O'pootertoot

also, this post has nothing to do with the fucking music at a music festival. on a music blog.

stop watching tmz and get back to work.


she was eating cake. there are pictures. obviously people want some controversy


It's ecstacy. You don't eat cocaine.

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