Five Most Awesome Moments of the Katy Pervy Trailer; Watch the Totally SFW Trailer Here!

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How funny is it that this porn parody of Katy Perry's  life is so much more entertaining than the "California Gurls" singer's real work? Unlike Katy Perry, Goodnight Media's Katy Pervy has a clear, upfront agenda: Sex sells her music, and she's on a "XXX adventure" with her buddies Ka$$ha, Rihandjob, Lady Gagger, Snoop Dong, and Russell Gland! Watch the trailer after the jump. We've listed the five best moments in it as well.

 1. 0:28 mark: Russell Gland says talking faster in his English accent makes it less likely for people to mistake him for Eddie Izzard; Katy Pervy says "It could be worse. They could mistake you for Dane Cook."

2. 0:46 mark: Lady Gagger's outfit, strung with condoms! Lady Gaga could totally wear that in real life, except it would be snazzier.

3. 0:59 mark: Katy Pervy has a steamy kissing scene with ... Elmo. ("Once you go red and fuzzy, you're never going back!) HIGH-larious.

4. 1:26 mark: Lady Gagger tells Katy Pervy, "Let me show you my 'poke her face.' " You know what happens next.

5. 1:30 mark: Snoop Dong is on the phone with Katy Pervy, subtitles included. "I'm keeping it real ... dizzling my nizzles. ..."

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