Six More Ill-Advised Rock Reunions (Gen X Edition)

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Like vampires, old bands are best left buried deep in the earth, secure in their lead coffins and unable to drain vitality from unsuspecting new victims.

Either because their most desperate fans demand it or because their mortgage notes are past due, the rock bands of yore keep punching through the dirt to reassemble for new records and tours.

Whatever their motivation, few of these bands will ever reach their previous glory, let alone justify their reunions. The last time around, we sampled needless comebacks from a variety of eras. Today, we focus exclusively on the bloodsuckers of Generation X.

6. Stone Temple Pilots

Erroneously called the Led Zeppelin of their generation, the Stone Temple Pilots were actually more like the Monkees in how they cherry-picked the most commercially viable riffs and lyrical sentiments of their peers, then carefully fused them into a videogenic Frankenstein monster.

Regrouping in 2008 after a five-year hiatus, singer Scott Weiland and his STP cronies denied financial problems were the cause and claimed they simply missed one another and wanted to reward their loyal fans.

Nice-guy intentions aside, it doesn't mean STP's 2008 tour and new album two years later were necessary. Thanks to 17 years of relentless rotation on FM radio and MTV, everyone in the world between the ages of 8 and 114 has heard "Interstate Love Song" and "Plush" at least 4,635 times, meaning only the fatally masochistic or monumentally bored need pay a hundred bucks to hear those tunes live.

Most offensive is that in reforming STP, Weiland derailed his other band, Velvet Revolver, putting the lovable ne'er-do-well Slash out of work.

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