Coachella Set Times Reveal That a Bunch of People Will be Camping Out on the Main Stage for Most of the Weekend

Categories: Coachella
Now that Coachella set times are FINALLY out, we can map out our weekend without tearing our hair out. So which days are we running across the Empire polo field to catch 10 minutes of which act? What time of the day will we be snoozing outside the Sahara tent? When are we doing potty breaks and eating (not in that order)? Find out our recommendations after the jump...
Choices, choices: Lauryn Hill vs. Ariel Pink vs. the Pains of Being Pure at Heart? What about Robyn vs. Caifanes? Aiyah!
Act not to miss:  Not a fan of misogyny in music, but I'd like to see how crazy Odd Future's set is going to be
When to take a potty break:  There's that golden hour at around 7 p.m. that looks like portapotties will be full.

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