Checking in on No Doubt: Our Favorite Twit Pics From Our Ska Amigos

Categories: album preview
Okay, okay, so we stole that "ska amigo" term from Tazy Phyllipz, but we do like to think of No Doubt as our ska amigos. That's when we're not stalking their Twitter feed for news on their new album. As far as we know, they're busy busy busy in the studio recording it, as you can see for yourself after the jump.

Still, guitarist Tom Dumont says the new album is "looking good to come out this year!" so that's good, right? We also gleaned a few of their song titles from the feed: "Dreaming the Same Dream," "Gravity," "Easy." That's three down--six to go?
Gwen singing a song called "Easy"
Tom Dumont laying down guitar tracks
Adrian making a face
Tony in a studio daze

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