Can't Get Over the Royal Wedding? Etsy Has Your Brit Fix

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
So you stayed up till 5 a.m. this morning and just woke up sad that you can't ever be a real princess and marry a dude who looks like a life-sized version of a nutcracker. (Kidding, I'm just bitter.) That's okay--at least you can use retail therapy on Etsy to cure the post-Royal Wedding blues!

1. Salt and Pepper shakers. Because nothing says "Royalty" like salt and pepper shakers.


2. Wedding Decal. Just to prove you're not just like any other royal fanatic out there--you're really obsessed!

3. Knitted Dolls. Here and here: for you to hold and kiss and fondle . . .

4. Cake Topper. Painted at 4 a.m.!!!

5. Creepy Dolls. These royal guests bear a striking similarity to Grace Van Cutsem, a.k.a. The Frowning Flowergirl.

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