Six Major Don'ts At Coachella:Your Guide To Appropriate Behavior


We know what you're experiencing right now. The thrill of getting on the road to Indio is too much to stomach (perhaps its made you barf already). You've strategically panned out your setlist, who to see, and how to get there the fastest. But somewhere through the mountains of people, under the unforgiving sun, or running from Caifanes, at the outdoor stage, to trying to catch a glimpse of Robyn at the Mojave stage, you're going to fuck up. You're going to do be that girl/guy that will be the subject of total ridicule for the reminder of the festival, and probably until someone replaces your dumb antics at the following Coachella. So before you get in the car with your flips flops and sunscreen here's your complete guide that will help you from being a complete asshole.

1. Don't Go To Coachella Pregnant


Before you get into a panic about this, hear us out. As much as Coachella promotes itself as being a peaceful festival full of art and positive vibes, things do get out of hand--mostly at night. You're not in the best shape to be running around, or God forbid you get pushed, because we're not just worried about you, but the unborn child inside of you. And really, there's so many toxins (i.e weed, smoke, dust) flowing through the air, why would you want to expose yourself to that?

2. Don't Go Dressed Like A Jackass


We're not sure when the shift occurred from going to Coachella dressed fashionably cool, to wearing absurd attire/costumes (we're thinking after 2005 when the festival went uber mainstream). People, seriously, leave the art to the experts! No one thinks you look awesome. Photographers aren't taking your picture because your outfit is revolutionary, they're taking it because you look like a damn fool.

3. Don't Do Drugs Where Security Can See You


We're not saying that you shouldn't have a good time--of course drugs will be consumed at Coachella. We're saying be discreet. If you're bragging to new found friends, inviting them for a hit, beware, people are listening. You will get kicked out.

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