Who Will Save Charlie Sheen? A List of Possible Saviors

It doesn't have to end like this
Charlie Sheen now admits he's losing his mind, but since his public downward spiral began, the meth-tastic actor has been thumbing his nose at offers of help from family, friends, Dr. Drew and traditional rehab programs.

Who will save Charlie Sheen? And can he be saved at all? Well, yes--because he has been saved before. And by people you'd least expect.

Our five favorite Sheen rescues after the jump. 5. Clint Eastwood

In 1990's The Rookie, Sheen is saved from a gang of malignant heshers by none other than Clint Eastwood, who mouths the sort of lame catchphrases that Charlie would eventually unleash in his web-video rants ("This is a crackdown"). Eastwood also makes a prescient comment about Sheen's taste for kink ("I didn't know you were into group sex"). Watch until the clip's end for a cameo by one of Sheen's favorite real-life costars, cocaine.

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Ryan - just finished talking with your Mother and my very good friend of 50+ years. She told me you are a writer (part time?) and directed me to your work on The OC Weekly - very funny. You have your Mom's sense of humor, somthing I've enjoyed since the 7th grade (1958?). Ask Rita about the "gum" she used to hide in her locker and how Miss Miner whould scold her for chewing it in algebra class - she'll say it was me, but we know better.

Congratulations on your soon to be marital status!

Best to You both,

Tom Grove


As entertaining and poetic as Charlie himself can be. A great article honoring the leading war hero actor of our time.

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