UPDATE: The Steelwells On the Cover of the Rolling Stone?

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UPDATE: Today is the last day of voting! Give our local boys some love before midnight!

The editors at Rolling Stone picked 16 bands to compete in a contest for Best Unsigned Artist. The prize includes one of the biggest honors any musician can garner: the chance to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. Our own Fullerton-based five-piece The Steelwells have that chance. RS will eliminate the bands through rounds, so you must check back to see if they've advanced by March 16. By the way, RS: Learn to spell "Fullerton" (see after jump).

The lucky eight bands that are chosen to advance will go into a studio with a major producer, and then another voting process will narrow the bands down to four. After that, the remaining will showcase their talent in front of RS editors and music executives, who will decide the finalists. 

The last two bands will battle it out for the award, the cover and an appearance at the Bonnaroo Music Festival on June 9. Not only will the winner be the first unsigned band to ever be on the cover, but they also get a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Pretty cool.

Here's how it works:

In this contest, artists will advance as follows:
Round 1: 8 of 16 artists will advance from Round 1 to Round 2
4 artists will be chosen by the public based upon the quality and quantity of public ratings 
4 artists will be chosen by Rolling Stone editors in consultation with selected music-industry professionals
Round 2: 4 of 8 artists will advance from Round 2 to Round 3 based solely on the quality and quantity of public  ratings
Round 3:  2 of 4 artists will advance from Round 3 to Round 4 based solely on the quality and quantity of public  ratings
Round 4:  1 winner will be selected based upon public voting

You can vote for the Steelwells here. And you can watch the announcement on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon below. Good luck, guys!

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    Ramel Winter
    Ramel Winter

    I've heard people describe the Steelwells sound many different ways, but the only one who used "bucolic" must not have heard their live show. Read the lyrics. Listen to the intricacies of the music. These guys are good.


    I actually just listened to all of the 16 artists. I liked The Boogie, from Rancho Cucamonga, the most. Seriously, about 7-8 of those bands were scarily indicative of how big the faux-country-jangly-alt-folk look/sound is right now. So bucolic, so folksy, so idyllic...straight from the far off hills of...Yorba Linda? I guess because the Bonnaroo gig is involved, I can see why most of these were picked, but doesn't the Subaru Forester driving crowd already have enough Band of Horses/Fleet Floxes-cum-G-Love sounding bands? Beards be damned, I say give it to those soulsters The Boogie, from the IE. Their track made me bounce my head a bit and get some work done in the office

    Beardless in Orange County
    Beardless in Orange County

    lyrics - check. intricate music - check... live show - fail. every performance i have seen from the Steelwells has been lack luster, riddled with flat vocal notes and played to a crowd with straight faces. Sadly, this includes the Orange County Music Awards showcase for Best live band...which they won. They have got something in their songs and music, but only one putting on a good live show in the band is the drummer.

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