Five Lame Causes Embraced By Musicians

Categories: Ridiculous

3. Rap Against Violence

rap against violence.gif

Possibly the most confused musical advocacy group is Rap Against Violence. We hate to burst anyone's bubble, but a lot of best-selling hip-hop - be it of the cartoonish "Licensed to Ill" variety, the emotionally walloping work of Tupac, or the goofy anthems of Lil Wayne - contains violent lyrical content. Violence is such a fundamental part of hip-hop that protesting it with said music creates the kind of universe-warping mindfuck that we'd have to resurrect Einstein to resolve. If you still insist on taking Rap Against Violence seriously, allow us to introduce you to some other worthy causes: Actors Against Emotion, Writers Against Typing, Gamers Against Graphics, Readers Against Books and Dancers Against Feet.

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