Five Lame Causes Embraced By Musicians

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3. Rap Against Violence

rap against violence.gif

Possibly the most confused musical advocacy group is Rap Against Violence. We hate to burst anyone's bubble, but a lot of best-selling hip-hop - be it of the cartoonish "Licensed to Ill" variety, the emotionally walloping work of Tupac, or the goofy anthems of Lil Wayne - contains violent lyrical content. Violence is such a fundamental part of hip-hop that protesting it with said music creates the kind of universe-warping mindfuck that we'd have to resurrect Einstein to resolve. If you still insist on taking Rap Against Violence seriously, allow us to introduce you to some other worthy causes: Actors Against Emotion, Writers Against Typing, Gamers Against Graphics, Readers Against Books and Dancers Against Feet.

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Call me Sir!
Call me Sir!

Make it at least 6. Here's ex RATM one note wonder urging on lawbreakers. No Zacky, we don't want more pandilleros!

Led by Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha, as well Phoenix civil rights activist Salvador Reza, and Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, protesters demanded an end to the federal 287(g) program

Bill T.
Bill T.

"... Jackson Browne, a Los Angeles department store mannequin that magically came to life one day ... " too laugh-out-loud funny (of course, nothing is funnier than the truth).

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