Mark McGrath's Post-Rock Résumé

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Mark McGrath accepting the Orange County Impact Award with his band Sugar Ray at the 2010 OC Music Awards
​Midlife is rarely kind to anyone, most of all rock stars. For every fortysomething badass like Dave Grohl, there are hundreds of mopes from the alternative-rock era sprawled on the fringes of relevance like wads of blubber decomposing in the sun. 

Somewhere in the middle of that is Newport Beach's very own Mark McGrath. Known for the 1997 hit "Fly," McGrath and his band Sugar Ray's glory days are long gone, with their latest record sales so small you'd need tweezers and a microscope to detect them. 

At 43, McGrath is too spry for the oldies circuit, placing him in the kind of career purgatory that fuels tragicomic episodes of Behind the Music. Barring his involvement with the charity Music for a Cure (a great cause we're all proud of him for), McGrath has in recent years spent more time on TV hosting and acting gigs instead of music. From B-list pop to C-list TV, we review his post-rock résumé and throw in free career coaching from a licensed counselor (who asked to remain anonymous).

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I wouldn't really call his stuff "post-rock". It's more ambient Drone, if anything.

Erica Mingus
Erica Mingus

Funny, I always thought it was dub-step.


I think they are referring to his post-sugar ray (i.e. Rock) career.

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