He's Back! Andrew Dice Clay Talks Internet Porn, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen and Comedy Nepotism

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Andrew Dice Clay may have matured into a family man, but when it comes to comedy, he's still got what it takes to bring to bring the dirty and keep the fans laughing like he never left. If you've wanted to see him live for like...ever, now is your chance. Comedy's legendary bad boy is stepping into Orange County April 1st and 2nd at the Brea Improv. It's no joke, this is one show you don't want to miss.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Where did you learn to master the art of balancing swearing and comedy?
Andrew Dice Clay: My cursing comes from where I come from, which is Brooklyn. I grew up a certain way so it doesn't mean anything for me to curse.

What first sparked your interest to make nursery rhymes X-rated?
It just happened. That's a long time ago and it wound up being my signature comedy, which I do every show still. It's just something that evolved. They're filthy, but they're funny. By the time I got a shot doing the Rodney Dangerfield special back in the day, it just took off.

One more question about the nursery rhymes, and I'm sure this question is on everyone's minds. Regarding, "What's in the bowl bitch?" Did you ever get an answer for that?
It's nothing I'm going to discuss. It's up to everybody's imagination. Whatever you want to be in that bowl could be in it. That's the beauty of comedy. You know, I meet a lot of fans that still ask questions about things like that. I like to leave them thinking.

Were you expecting your popularity to rise so fast?
Well, I wasn't shocked at it. When I hit it big, it was 22 years ago. I call it my Lady Gaga days. I wasn't expecting the onslaught from the media because I never thought of that stuff. When you're a struggling comic you're just looking for your break. I didn't know it was going to turn into this kind of controversy and even this day, still has.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, what do you think of the music artists nowadays?
I'm not too much into the rock these days but about this kid...uhhh...what's his name? Justin Bieber. This kid is phenomenal. But if some kid came along today that was his age, that was an Elvis type looking kid...all the fans would go to this new guy. That's just how showbiz is. Fame is a very hard place to be and they have to be prepared for the day the new guy comes along. As an adult it's even overwhelming.

Do you think that's why so many young people in the spotlight lose it?
I think it's why so many child stars goes fucking nuts. They are trying to hit that thing they were when they were 15 or 18. When all of the sudden the whole world is chanting your name and you're 15 and then, you're 18 and nobody's looking at you? It's a scary place to be. They have to be prepared.
I heard you singing Elvis on Opie & Anthony and you have some sweet pipes. Any plans for a parody album?
That's all fun stuff but, no. I don't like parody albums. I'm not into that type of comedy. I did Saturday Night Live when they asked me to, but that's old news.

Well getting into new news, I saw you going off on Charlie Sheen on YouTube. Do you think if he goes into rehab America will forgive him?
It's not really about America forgiving him. I mean, who cares? Fans are fickle anyways. I don't think he is thinking about anyone but himself these days. That's why when I got stopped by the paparazzi I was just trying to say, get the help you need.

What do think about the popularity people gain from the Internet these days?
You know when I was younger someone would come over with a reel-to-reel porn with actual real people. Today it's like, what you call a nice girl these days? Someone who hasn't had sex with a horse? It's psychotic what's going on these days. The fact that people are putting that stuff up there for free and not getting paid, that's nuts.

To me it's like, how did one realize they wanted to eat shit and video tape it. Where they like, that looks delicious!
[Laughs.] You just did something new with me right now. [Laughs.] That's actually funny. That's a great joke.

Thank you, I try. You have kids though, how do you filter through the filth?
The thing is though, that's not a joke. It's factual. People are just insane today. I was just talking to my older son (Max) about the internet. I said, please stay away from internet sex. It's mentally unhealthy. I'd rather he get a real porno tape because they put everything that is possible and not possible on the internet these days. I know it doesn't sound like anything I would say, but I'm a guy who has lived a lot of lives already and I gotta tell it like it is.

People are indeed sick. Speaking of Max, he's following in your footsteps with the comedy. How's that going for him?
It's actually going really well. He's out there doing the work and that is the only thing that makes you really funny. Comedy is something you have to take very serious. There are so many guys out there that I call, "public speakers" and they just get used to being in front of a microphone. But they're not funny. My kid is funny.

Awww, Dice the proud Papa! Do you check out his shows often?
I'm really proud of the way he is going about it. I only go see him when he asks me and he knows how to work the stage. He's doing the work; it's all trial and error. He's got a great reputation already and it's not built off of being my son.

What can fans expect from your show at the Brea Improv? Will you be doing any classic material?
Well they won't be hearing about this shit I'm talking about right now. They'll get what they are paying for. People want to laugh and they really need that edge right now because of the state of the world. That's what I try to give them. It's almost like best hits, but it will be like the new hits. My new stuff is just as edgy and I'm just as bad ass as always.

To get more of Andrew Dice Clay check out his website and get your tickets now to catch him at the Brea Improv April 1st and 2nd. For tickets call 714-482-0700 or log onto the www.improv.com. The Improv is located at 120 South Brea Blvd. Brea, CA 92821 (21+ over)

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