Free Ticket Tuesday: The Tribute Edition, Featuring the Spirit of Michael Jackson, Nearvana and Stone Temple Co-Pilots

Sometimes, you just can't get the real thing. If you missed out on Stone Temple Pilots last weekend, you might want to head over to the House of Blues in Anaheim to watch a reasonable facsimile. Same with Nirvana and Michael Jackson, where the only way you'd ever see them perform is if you had a time machine.
So we're doing you a favor and giving you a taste of what you missed by giving away tickets to all three shows--The Spirit of Michael Laser Spectacular at the City National Grove of Anaheim and Degeneration X, featuring Nearvana and Stone Temple Co-Pilots at the House of Blues in Anaheim. To give you that total back-in-time feeling, we're also giving away tickets to the House of '80s, also at the House of Blues in Anaheim!

Just answer this question and the tickets are yours: What band would you watch if you could go back in time?


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nirvana- hands gotta love kurt cobain..

Ray Montoya
Ray Montoya

Led Zeppelin....nuff said. Can't even be

Josh Huckabee
Josh Huckabee

THE BEATLES! Hands down! Which concert specifically you ask? Probably the infamous rooftop concert in the later years...that way I could actually hear the music!

Josh Huckabee
Josh Huckabee

Oh case you need it, my email is THANKS!

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