Five Skater Douches Worse Than Tony Hawk

Golden-haired skate legend, video-game huckster and film producer Tony Hawk added the role of wife swapper to his list of accomplishments this week, reportedly shacking up with the wife of his best friend a scant seven months after his third divorce.

As much as we love to gossip, the grody personal life of our childhood hero seems a little taboo--but also, when compared to some of his skateboarding peers, a little vanilla. Tony Hawk may be a weird friend and a dodgy husband, but he is far from the most noxious skater out there. In defense of the guy who inspired so many of us to do unbelievably dangerous shit in empty swimming pools, we present Five Skater Douches Worse Than Tony Hawk.

5. Jay Adams

Regaled as a founding father of skateboarding, Adams, 50, was lionized in the award-winning documentary Dog Town and Z-Boys. Unfortunately, he followed his early triumphs with a nosedive into crystal meth that ate up his best years with jail stints and run-ins with countless homemade tattoo guns.

As far as his contributions to skating, Adams (as legend has it) gave the sport its physicality and daring, shaping it into the hybrid of wheeled vandalism, interpretive art and applied mania we all enjoy. Making Adams less than admirable is not the whole drugs-and-jail thing, but his more recent post-prison embrace of West Coast Evangelical Christianity.

We're all for Adams getting clean, but we suspect he's had to justify his conversion hundreds of times already by referring to Jesus as "the first punk rocker" or the "original skater," among other attempts to square piety with danger. Like walking on water, it's just not possible, and a dude like Jay ought to know better. The clip above features Adams in full "saved" mode.

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