[UPDATED] Chris Brown's Image Rehab Report Card

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UPDATED, MARCH 22, 3:03 P.M.: Cris Brown allegedly had a violent outburst after his Good Morning America appearance this morning. Brown got upset during his interview with co-host Robin Roberts when she asked three times about his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend, Rihanna.   

Brown tried to deflect questions to focus on his music, but after his performance of "Yeah 3x," Brown reportedly smashed a dressing-room window and went on a shirtless tirade of sorts. 

He later tweeted, "I'm so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there [sic] bullshit."

We thought it was a good time to add to his Image Rehab Report Card: If this all is true, then his grade for appearing in family-friendly morning shows? F.
ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 14, 7:37 A.M.:Once upon a time, the quickest way to sink an entertainment career was to hit a woman. Then along came Chris Brown. In 2009, the R&B singer sabotaged himself with his now-infamous beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Overnight, Brown transformed from a crude yet invigorating 21st-century version of Thriller-era Michael Jackson into a seething, tattooed reincarnation of Ike Turner at his most bloodshot and depraved. Yet lately, things have been picking up for Brown, no doubt thanks to an upcoming album (F.A.M.E., available March 22) and a public-relations industry that exists to soften the blow for knuckle-headed stars. We grade Brown's efforts so far to reshape his image from Ike to Mike.

5. Community Service

Brown's sentence for his attack on Rihanna included five years of probation, counseling, and 1,400 hours of "labor-oriented" community service. Initially, Brown approached his service with as much gusto as a ninth-grade glue sniffer banished to three weeks of Outward Bound.

Refreshingly, by last fall, Brown had picked up his game enough for the judge to praise him as one of the most consistent probationers she has ever seen.

Grade: A+

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