And Now, for Some Battles In Your Life (New Album, Tour, ATP Curation)

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Battles, now a trio!
I must admit I cried a bit when multi-instrumentalist Tyondai Braxton left Battles last year . . . but that doesn't make the announcement of their new album, Gloss Drop, and the tour fronting it any less exciting.

Gloss Drop
, which will feature appearances by Chilean artist Matias Aguayo, electronic-music pioneer Gary Numan and Blonde Redhead singer Kazu Makino, will drop June 7.
Even better news is the announcement of their SoCal appearance; they'll be at the Echo on May 2. Apparently, the new album is poppier and even summery, as bassist Dave Konopka told Pitchfork:

There was a lot of new space to work with, but the album is still crazy-- it doesn't sound like we're a three-piece. It also opened up a lot of doors for us to collaborate with some really great vocalists such as Matias Aguayo from Kompakt Records and Eye from the Boredoms. There are two more guests I can't talk about just yet. And all the vocalists are really integrated into the music; it's not like, "Why is Chris Martin on this Battles song?" [laughs]

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