Ten Signs You're an Aging Gamer

6. You Listen to Chiptune Music and Have Some on Your Mp3 Player or Computer
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Whether it's "Vampire Killer" from Castlevania or just about anything from Mega Man 3, you still think chiptune music (AKA 8-bit music) rocks. You probably have some MP3 of chiptune music stashed somewhere on your computer or iPod, too.

7. You Don't Play Portable Games in Public Anymore

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The amount of portable gaming you do in public is inversely proportional to your age. Year after year, you find it more uncomfortable to whip out your portable gaming device when you're waiting around for something. When you were younger, you'd flash that GameBoy at every given opportunity. These days, all you can play with in public is your iPhone. That way, perhaps you can fool someone into thinking you're texting instead of gaming.

8. You Kinda Miss Nintendo Cereal

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Not only do you miss Nintendo cereal, but you remember what it tasted like, too. Packed into two separate pouches, Nintendo cereal was divided into two flavors: the fruity "Mario flavor" and the berry "Zelda flavor." The cereal was composed of fluffy corn puffs that vaguely looked like enemies and items in the Mario and Zelda universes and would come with free Nintendo stickers. Admit it. You've even considered buying an unopened box of this stuff whenever it goes on sale on eBay, from where it can cost more than $100.

9. You Aren't Aware That Modern Arcade Games Now Cost a Lot More Than a Quarter
Remember when it used to cost a quarter to play an arcade game? One of those old Konami beat-'em-ups would cost you 25 cents to play, and you'd get at least 20 minutes of quality playtime out of that. These days, certain racing or hunting games can cost up to $3 per play. An evening at Dave and Buster's arcade can easily cost up to $40 if you're not careful.

10. You Have an Old System That's Hooked Up to Your TV
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There's nothing like playing old games such as Excitebike on the original NES, even though you could now play it on the Wii. You've probably re-purchased some NES games on the Virtual Console, even though you have the original cartridge. Every characteristic, flaws included, of these retro consoles make the experience something special to you. Even that blinking blue screen of the NES you used to hate so much is now something you laugh at and love.

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