The Flaming Lips 'Two Blobs Fucking' Experiment

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Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly
​We all know the Flaming Lips are one of the most inventive bands around. Not only do they make insanely creative music, they like to mess around with the ways in which it is recorded and transmitted. They've used obscure, near-forgotten instrumentation, performed concerts inside bouncing balls or with short-wave radio transmissions of prerecorded music to accompany their live playing.

In 1997, they released Zaireeka, a highly experimental four-CD set with different music on each disc meant for four different stereos. The listener(s) would press play on each simultaneously, to create a slightly different tapestry of sound every time.


That sense of auditory experimentation has inspired the Lips for their newest project, known as "Two Blobs Fucking." It's basically a Zaireeka for the 2010s: the piece consists of 12 YouTube videos meant to be played at the same time via computer or smartphone. It's a heady brew, like pretty much everything the Oklahoma natives come up with, but the musical quality is solid. And we like idea of making a 12-person listening party a virtual necessity. Do people even hang out and just listen to music anymore? Maybe this aural madness will inspire more people to set aside specific time to rock out.

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