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Art Guevara
San Juan Capistrano Piano

Those 20 artfully painted pianos that have been donated and spread across our county for the past couple of weeks as part of Pacific Symphony's "OC Can You Play?" project are still around, but not for much longer. Having started on Jan. 16, the series comes to a close this Sunday. The charitable among us have until 10 p.m. Saturday to make a bid on 18 of the 20 pianos on the BiddingForGood website, with all proceeds going to support Pacific Symphony's artistic and education programs. As of the time of this writing, only six bids, ranging from $25 to $1,700, have been placed!

As previously noted in Heard Mentality, part of the promotion also asks people to take pictures of themselves at all 20 pianos and submit them on Pacific Symphony's Facebook page for an opportunity to win two season tickets for the orchestra's classical, pops or summer series. Those who makes it to at least three get a 20 percent discount on their next ticket purchase. 

One pianist, Orange Juice Blog editor-in-chief Vern Nelson, has taken it one step further, crisscrossing cities all the way from Anaheim in the north of OC to San Juan Capistrano in the south of the county in an effort to play and film his performances at every piano.

Being savvy in local politics, certain locations brought about special dedications. On Anaheim's Downtown Disney piano, Nelson began playing "Rhapsody in Blue" in the name of the Disney Resort Area hotel workers who have been in a contract dispute for years over health benefits. The Weekly's own R. Scott Moxley's investigative digs into Irvine's Great Park initially inspired a sullen piece by Béla Bartók. Best of all for the pianist, David Bowie's "Changes" was the song of choice in San Juan Capistrano, given all the blogging he had done about last year's contentious Capistrano Unified School District recall election.

Nelson ends his quest with some repeat spots this weekend, including more songs from Francisco Gabilondo Soler, a.k.a. Cri Cri el Grillito Cantor, that he first played in San Juan Capistrano for Art Guevara, a local artist who decked out the piano situated across from the mission with the eyes of the famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

For the rest of you who want to tickle those keys around OC as part of the project, you have until Feb. 6 to show you, too, can play!

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Art Guevara
Art Guevara

One week left OC Can You Play the Pacific Symphony & San Juan Capistrano Artist Invite you and your Family to play and send you photos or videos to Capistrano Patch and also to the pacific Symphony you can win ticket and a chance to perform with the Symphony don’t miss these opportunity.www.pacificsymphony.org The Capistrano Patch Article about the OC Can You Play and San Juan Capistrano Artist Art Guevara has made it to at least eight majors News Papers including Telemundo Chanel 22& 52 and on line News.

Over One hundred thousand if not more has seen Guevara’s Piano even Lady & Gaga sing at Guevara’s Piano see picture on Facebook and the Patch, OC Register, Video on the Capistrano Dispatch, Rumores two pages and Vern P Nelson Video on You Tube and more to come.

Guevara has work in San Juan Capistrano since 1994 one of the initiators of the Art walk also insisted on the Art Village for more than 16 years bringing Families Together and tourism to our Friendly City .

In the year 2000 according to the OC Register one of the last International Guevara’s Art Exhibit ten thousand people visit the Historic Los Rios Street in two days.

About seven years ego in the Library of San Juan Capistrano after showing his Art at the Library for almost 16 years the First Day of the Dead Celebration The News Paper said that 3, 600 people visited the Library, last October the Day of the Dead Exhibit has to be split in two days do to the increase on public attendance.

Visit on the net

The Arturo Guevara Gallery

Art Guevara


Art Guevara

Capistrano Patch and more

Vern Nelson
Vern Nelson

Ha ha! You make me sound like a pretty smart guy, Gabo. Gracias!


Like one of these pianos? They are on auction at www.biddingforgood.com/occanup... . The auction will end this Saturday night at 10PM, then Pacific Symphony will deliver the piano to your door!

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