Going Gaga: Have the "Little Monsters" Gone Too Far?

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Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
After Lady Gaga released "Born This Way," which sounded extremely reminiscent of Madonna's "Express Yourself," fans and critics alike had the same reaction: What the fuck? Even so, her hardcore fans adore her. But what is somewhat disturbing is all of her "little monsters" are just as bat-shit crazy as she is. As you can see on MTV's web site (and other blogs), they are getting Lady Gaga tattoos all over their bodies. Now we all know that without the crazy makeup and hair dye (and even with those), Gaga isn't the most beautiful woman in the world. But has this gone too far? What man wants a tattoo of her face on his calf? Clearly her fans do. Check out the tats and the craziness after the jump.

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
On the BecomeGorgeous.com blog, Lady Gaga is portrayed as being terrified of her adoring fans. She even thought there might be possible attacks on her, so she hired more bodyguards to watch their every move. According to the article, Lady Gaga claimed that she asked for the protection so that she could prevent history from repeating itself, like the murder of John Lennon. Her security guard even sleeps in the same room as her. Umm ... what?  But hey, it's Lady Gaga. You can't really expect anything less.


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