Arcade Fire: A Bunch of Grammy-Winning Nobodies?

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​Dear America: allow me to introduce Arcade Fire. They're an indie rock band from Montreal. As I've been reading responses on Arcade Fire's Grammy win, I've realized there are much fewer people who actually know the band and their music than I had thought.

I was browsing through my friend's Facebook account, and I saw a post about the "The Fall Out Boy Team" responding to Arcade Fire's Grammy win on Tumblr. I'm not too sure if it's just a fan or the actual band, but it's still hilarious either way.

Other humorous posts have included:
to follow up the Dog The Bounty Hunter post

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Oh and I guess you have to be beautiful to win a Grammy???? Have you looked at Lady Gaga's face lately?You people are all NUTS. This band has talent, unlike some of the other nominees who are just a product on Money and Marketing -- NO talent.I'm so glad Arcade fire won!!! Again proving that all the music talent resides in Canada!!

Justin Soileau
Justin Soileau

Danielle, I don't know about you, but when I heard "The Suburbs" come out of the presenter's mouth I was genuinely shocked. The fact that a band on an indie label beat Katy Perry, Eminem, Gaga, etc.. is so weird! Anyways, it was pretty cool. It's a great record!


Arcade Fire - so they actually gave the award to a band with members who play real instruments, have some talent, and aren't just a marketing gimick?? SHOCKER!!!!!!!!

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