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You may have heard of Chicago-based Smith Westerns from any of the big music blogs or because they are touring all around U.S. in support of their sophomore LP, Dye It Blonde (Fat Possum). Their musical influences stem from the likes of the Beatles, T.Rex and the best parts of '90s Brit-pop. 

The band formed four years ago by guitarist Max Kakacek and singer Cullen Omori. They brought on Omori's brother Cameron to play bass, and the trio started jamming. Within a year, the band played shows in their hometown. In 2008, the band found drummer Hal James to add to the mix. They started veering toward '70s glam rock, and now they're getting the press they deserve.

The Smith Westerns will play at Detroit Bar on Feb. 12 at 9 p.m. If you would like to see the show, tell us who your favorite '60s or '70s band are and why they influence your life in some specific way. Don't forget to include your name and e-mail address in the comments. We are giving away two pairs of tickets. Good luck!

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Detroit Bar - CLOSED

843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, CA

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Teresa Armendariz
Teresa Armendariz

Janis Joplin because she was truly original; she was a free-spirited, eccentric, beautiful woman who wasn't afraid to be different and because of that she influences me. Janis and her music had heart.




my favorite 60s band is Los Saicos, from Peru. When all the US kids wanted to sound like the Beatles, Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds, Los Saicos invented punk in Lima! They were louder than the Sonics, rougher than the Stooges and more visionary than the Velvet Underground, way ahead anybody who were ahead of their time, and this really impresses me.Here is a sample, enjoy:


The Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger was the ultimate front man. And Keith Richards is plain rad.Their sound expanded several genres. AND Scorsese digs them too. :)



And they make me feel sexy whenever I listen to them.


My favortie 60s/70s band is the Beatles, they have influenced almost every band that has come since them and their music is so simple it is still relevant today.


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