Stevie Nicks' New Single

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Stevie Nicks is one of our very favorite rock stars of all time. During Fleetwood Mac's mid- to late-'70s golden era, she (along with the other band members) recorded plenty of material that never made it onto albums or solo releases, for whatever reason. "Silver Springs," from the Rumours recording sessions, is perhaps the best known of these orphan songs; it was finally recorded in full form for the Mac's 1997 comeback album, The Dance.

Stevie's new track is titled "Secret Love" and is finally getting a proper release on her new album, In Your Dreams. It's a catchy and highly produced arrangement with some surprisingly noisy guitar at parts, and it may be her best chance at a hit single in a long time. Check out the YouTube below.

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Bob L
Bob L

Most excellent, and looking forward to the May release!


Stevie is absolutely the BEST! I love this "new" single (actually an old 80s demo)...and it was great to see her on Ellen. I am so very honoured to be in a Stevie Tribute band, White Winged Dove, and look forward to seeing her on her future tours, and the new CD is going to be...AMAZING! Thank you, Stevie!

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