Snoop Dogg Celebrates 'El Lay,' Neglects LBC/OC

Categories: new track
It has been a busy week for Mr. Dogg. After deejaying at a bowling alley in Anaheim, he has released his new hometown-praising single "El Lay." In it, he references LA street names, landmarks and local sports teams (including the Angels and the Ducks, who, just for future reference, play in OC). In fact, isn't Snoop from Long Beach? He should be repping OC Weekly circulation territory.

The song itself isn't that good, with Marty James' faux-soulful singing voice naming locations over a thudding electronic beat. Snoop is his usual chill self, but he raps very few bars over nearly four minutes. Even worse is the title of his new album: Doggumentary Music. We think he's run out of viable Dogg puns at this point.  What's next? The Doggtor Is InDogg Giovanni? One can only imagine.

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