Mexican Pop Singer Kalimba Jailed on Rape Charge

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Twenty-eight-year-old Mexican pop singer Kalimba Ibar, former member of band OV7 and the singing voice of Simba in the Latin American film version of The Lion King, was jailed on rape charges on Jan 20. 

According to the Associated Press, Kalimba was deported from the U.S. to Mexico after the U.S. Border Patrol arrested him for an immigration violation. On Jan. 19, the judge in the state of Quintana Roo issued an arrest warrant for Kalimba for allegedly raping a 17-year-old female on Dec. 19 at a hotel in Chetumal (the capital of Quintana Roo).

He was arrested in El Paso, Texas, on Jan. 20. In an interview with CNN affiliate Televisa, Kalimba denied all accusations and said he has not attacked anyone. "There are many details that are very easy to criticize, judge or imagine," he said.

Quintana Roo Deputy Public Safety Secretary Didier Vazquez confirmed that the singer, whose full name is Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar, would be held in a separate cell for his safety and would be given a routine psychological exam. 

He explained, "The important thing is that everyone who enters is a prisoner and will have the same rights and the same obligations as any other person who is imprisoned." If charged and convicted of raping a minor, Kalimba could face 25 to 50 years in prison, according to the Quintana Roo state law. 

On Jan. 3, he posted on Twitter:

Independientemente de lo que pase, gracias a todos lo que creen en la verdad. DIOS los bendiga. Seamos fuertes en oracion. Be blessed.
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[Translation] "Independent of what may happen, thank you to all who believe in the truth. May GOD bless you. Let's be strong in prayer.

His last Twitter post was on Jan. 4:

Es gran error humano creer que DIOS te abndona en los problemas y nos deja solos. No es hipocrecia, es fe! Conozco a mi DIOS. Be blessed
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Bill T.
Bill T.

I saw a brief article on Consistently No News that Kalimba Ibar was released - any take on this?


Why would somebody with fame do this? Hard to believe those accusations. May his faith free him from this.


People name god to cover themselves and proclaim innocence. Lightness does come to light! And if he is guilty, no matter if he pays for his sin now or later HE WILL pay for it! God is a MIGHTY god and he will show you he is god! Only you and GOD Kalimba know the truth, so you can hide it all you want but not from GOD!


the girl had family in Mexican Government.......

Bill T.
Bill T.

Well, he must be guilty, he was arrested, wasn't he? Oh, wait, my mistake, this is the U. S. not the PRC. Although I'm sure that the main-stream press has him convicted already. Entirely possible he believed the girt to be of age. No details on the "rape" so can't tell if rape is the charge because of the age of the alleged victim (also only an allegation at this point) or if they're alleging forcible rape. . . .

Quible on the second translation, I believe that in the context that for "gran", "large" or "big" or even possibly "common" would be a better choice than "grand".

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