[UPDATED: Kardashian Is Making a Music Video for "Turn It Up"] Kim Kardashian Makes Pointless "Music"

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UPDATE, Jan. 25, 2 P.M.: Kardashian's song "Turn It Up" will appear in Hype Williams-directed video. See bottom of post for more details. 

ORIGINAL ITEM, Jan. 4, 8:55 A.M.: Just because you're famous doesn't mean you should make music. Most of us have seen photos of Kim Kardashian with ridiculous cornrows online the past few days. She has been all over the place because she's shooting a music video in which Kanye West makes a cameo appearance. The reality-TV star announced at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve that she would be performing her debut song, "Turn It Up," which was produced by the Dream.

The saddest/funniest thing about this song is that she (apparently) didn't write it intentionally. She declared, "I didn't mean to, but I did this song with the Dream, and it's really fun. I hope you guys like it!" Seriously, what the fuck? 

If you listen to the video, you can hear a lot of thumping and an annoying voice "singing" over the beat. The lyrics are hard to make out, but you can hear her repeatedly imploring to turn the music up. We get it, Kim: You can't write music, so you just repeat the same words over and over. The problem is you don't have a good voice, and it just sounds like shit. You should probably just stick to posing for Playboy.


UPDATE: Kardashian explained that Ciara came up to her and said that she had to meet the Dream. Kardashian then went on to say, "I was not into doing a song. I thought, 'Everyone kind of tries that, and it doesn't really work out so well." But the real kicker was when Kanye asked Kardashian what she does for fun. She stupidly replied that she likes to shop and hang out with friends. Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less. West told her that she should go in the studio and record a song. The song will appear in Hype-Williams-directed video (maybe a Kanye cameo?) and will be on Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Thank god, there is no album in the works... yet (we don't think).

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Hahaha! This is hilarious. Just what the already crappy music industry in the U.S. needs is another bimbo reality star with a porn tape who thinks they can sing. How much more irritating can she get? Ugh seriously, she is fat and wears more makeup than a drag queen. I hope her and all her rich disgusting, shameless, fame whore family goes broke and then they can make a reality show of her and her tramp sisters and mom pan handling for money....then I'd watch that.


finally she's doing someting besides being naked


Retarded. She just killed it.


You must be a retared for liking it

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