Green Day Turning 'American Idiot' Into a Movie?

Categories: cool shit
Since Green Day's album American Idiot graced the Broadway stage six years ago, there has been talk about turning the well-received musical into a movie. Front man Billie Joe Armstrong might take the lead role of St. Jimmy, and he told The New York Times he would like to develop the film project with Michael Mayer, the theatrical director of the play American Idiot.

Mayer said:
"We're definitely in talks. There are people who have the ability to make it happen, who have expressed genuine interest in it, and we want to do it, so I think it could happen."

Furthermore, Armstrong and Mayer are planning to write another musical together, this one an original for the stage and not based on any Green Day material. It will be interesting to see and hear what Armstrong creates out of the blue for another stage project. Maybe he's a closet Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, and we'll see a punk-rock opera on roller skates?

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