Gettin' Made: She Blinded Me With Crafty Science

One of my best friends is a microbiologist, and with that comes a special love for all science-themed crafts. So when I saw a link to the Scientific Culture shop on Etsy, it was love at first smarty-pants sight.

Lab Ware art post cards by Scientific Culture

After the jump, get your science on.

Sea Life button set by Scientific Culture

This little grouping of sea-creature buttons would be the perfect thing for someone who has a yearly pass to the Aquarium of the Pacific!

Love Robot pocket mirror by Scientific Culture

Anyone who's into robots will find this cute little pocket mirror irresistable! (Also, this would make such a cute Valentine's Day gift!)

Chlamydia plush microbe by Scientific Culture

Get a little more hands-on with your scientific endeavors with this cute little Chlamydia toy! Who knew STDs could be so darn cute?

Microbe button set by Scientific Culture

Wear your geekery on your sleeve with these adorable 1-inch buttons! I love that Kate McCurrach, the scientist behind these cute buttons, can tell you what microbes these actually are. If you've been on the lookout for cute crafts featuring clustered cocci, bacteriophage and ciliated bacillus, she's totally got you covered!

For more information about Scientific Culture, visit the Etsy shop or blog.

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