Gettin' Made: Creatopia Utopia

​A couple of months ago, I opened my front door to a huge box of amazingness from the folks at Xyron. They wanted me to try out the Creatopia machine, see what I thought about it and, more important, see what I could do with it.

After the jump: What is this Creatopia thing, and what can you do with it?

So, first step's first--I set up a work station in the garage so I could lay out all of the different goodies that go with the Creatopia:


If you're a crafter, and especially a scrapbooker, this thing pretty much does it all. You want to make some die-cut shapes? Add adhesive to the back of something? Cut your paper down to size? Laminate a fake ID? Emboss a cool texture onto some paper? Done. All done, quickly and easily with this one machine and a slew of accessories you can pick up to go with it.

As I got into trying out all the amazing things Creatopia does, the garage work station I had set up became an explosion of my craft supplies.


On the next page: So it does all this stuff. But what can you do with it?

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