Fingerprints Record Shop and Portfolio Coffee House Reveal More Details About Shared Space

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​Back in early November, we blogged about Fingerprints record store and Portfolio coffeehouse teaming up and moving to the East Village Arts District in Long Beach in December. It's a month later, and Fingerprints is ready for its grand reopening on Jan. 11, with Portfolio to follow in March. Fingerprints owner Rand Foster is featured on the cover of City Beat, in which he goes into detail about the combined space. He told City Beat, "I think [it's] creating an environment that really makes people feel comfortable. It's the old saying, 'Do what you love, and the rest follows,' and I feel like the rest of it works with an aesthetic as well. More than an aesthetic, it addresses our very human need to congregate."

Foster goes on to explain that workers are in the process of drywalling, and the two shops will be linked by a glass door (left open during business hours). Fingerprints' space will be 7,200 square feet, and the coffee shop will be around 1,700 square feet. There will be plenty of room for CD racks, bookshelves and vinyl. We're excited to know the space will finally be done this month, and we can all celebrate with some live bands and great music to buy. You can read City Beat's full article here.

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