OC Music Awards at the District at Tustin Legacy Last Night

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OC Music Awards
Jan. 11, 2011
The District at Tustin Legacy

Tonight's event showcased five bands competing to move on to the finals for Best Acoustic Band. Performers included Skee and the Motion Detectors, Honeypie, Headshine, Canvas, and Stacy Clark.  

Though the event wasn't completely acoustic (several bands had electric keyboards), each was rocking acoustic guitars backed by brushed drums. All musicians displayed intestinal fortitude as they played to a modestly sized crowd in the chilly courtyard outside Bowlmor Lanes at the District in Tustin. At one point, the musicians had light sprinkles to contend with, which made for a less-than-hospitable environment. Two bands in particular led the pack, both led by comely young lasses. 

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
​The first accolades of the evening go to Honeypie, led by Trisha Smith. The diminutive songstress' youthful, feminine voice was occasionally belied by the roar of a musical lioness. The band specialize in pop songs that, like the group's silly moniker, skew a tad precious, but there's plenty for them to build on. You can't deny the infectious nature of the hooks they combine with very clever lyrics. 

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
​The second honorable mention goes to Canvas, who benefited from the largest crowd of the evening and the most enthusiastic response. Like Honeypie, these guys specialize in making music with pop hookage, but add more elaborate arrangements. The one drawback is their singer sounds slightly reminiscent of Fergie doing her singer/songwriter material. Still, it's a pretty voice that harmonizes well with their keyboardist's.

The expert percussionist for groove-rock duo Headshine, Jeff Maldonado (a personal friend), easily gets the prize for the largest afro seen anywhere in Orange County in the past decade.

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Skee and the Metal Detectors
​As for Skee and the Motion Detectors, the grizzled folkster needs to have a long discussion with his bassist, whose piss-poor performance dragged the whole set down. 

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Stacy Clark
​Last up was Stacy Clark. What can I say? Her cherubic face and sparkling eyes were easy, but her folky-songstress schtick and lyrics about following one's dreams screamed American Idol-meets-twee-pop aesthetic.

Check out a video recap below:

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The District at Tustin Legacy

2437 Park Ave., Tustin, CA

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Agree with Young_sarina. REALLY enjoyed Skee and his band! I found him to be a magnetic, engaging performer who drew in the audience with both his music as well as his personality. Loved the balance between Skee's energy and the mellow jammin' of the Motion Detectors. Did BF see the same show I did?!?


Mr. Brandon Ferguson Wow! is all i can say, were you and I even attending the same show?Skee and the motion detectors started the night off perfectly, the crowd reaction alone, fed the energy of the already energetic performer.Canvas also held there own on stage, and it was well perceived in the crowd.The other three contending bands were not as memorable.For my personal taste, they were to poppy and didn't engage with the audience. I think your review over the entire night was completely off base and maybe next show casing you should pay better attention to not only the reaction of the crowd, but the performers as well ..and try to remember size isn't everything.

With Love!SMY

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