Antoine Dodson Gets TV Pilot: Run and Tell That!

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Antoine Dodson has had his 15 minutes of fame and then some. He received more than 67 million hits on YouTube for "The Bed Intruder" jam, and we're still not over the catchy song that rose to viral fame last summer. Now the bona-fide superstar is taping a reality-show pilot with media company Entertainment One. Scott MacFayden, a rep for the organization, told The Hollywood Reporter, "I can confirm that we are developing a pilot for Antoine Dodson." TMZ confirmed that Kali Hawk (who appeared in Couples Retreat) will be the executive producer.

Already, there is footage of Dodson moving from the projects of Alabama to West Hollywood. If the show gets picked up, maybe he can bring his family out so they won't have to worry about people climbing in their windows and snatching them up anymore. There is no network deal yet, but after his Twitter accountYouTube account, official Zazzle store (for his merch) and his website, we're pretty sure he could be the next big name . . . much bigger than William Hung.

If you live under a rock and haven't seen the video yet, here you go:

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gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

Here's what I've wondered all along...did the police ever catch that guy?

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