Teal Wicks, UC Irvine Alum To Star As Elphaba In Broadway's Wicked

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Teal Wicks is going green for the role of Elphaba in the Broadway company of Wicked. The UC Irvine alum previously played the emerald-skinned witch in the Los Angeles and San Francisco productions.

Video of a Wicked Wicks after the jump.  

Performances begin on Feb. 11. More details on BroadwayWorld.com.

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Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Wilson

Love Wicked. What a Show! this was such clever twist on the wizard of oz. Wicked had the best effects and costumes. The music was great and the cast was great. they all sang there heart out. I'm truly inlove with this show!!!!


Wicked is the most underwhelming, hyped production I have ever seen.

Wicked Tickets
Wicked Tickets

 Yeah... Wicked is one the best Broadway show.... i would love to watch that show in gershwin theatre NY...

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