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ART WHORE likes the sexy.
So this week's blog--an assemblage of links with brief commentary--is dedicated to the sexy in recent Arts & Culture.

Video sex games for the Microsoft Kinect are on their way, perhaps even within the next few months, according to PCWorld.
Anyone shocked by this?
You are? Really?
Please pull your head out of your Bible.
Director Kirby Dick's excellent documentary, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, made the world aware that the MPAA are a bunch of homo-hating, sex-fearing, corporate/religious prudes. 
After an appeal and some media criticism, the movie ratings board just reversed the NC-17 rating they slapped on the film Blue Valentine, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, for a cunnilingus scene between a married couple
While blowjobs in movies are common as hell, Williams' character was receiving--instead of giving--too much pleasure.
Dick's documentary revealed female sexuality to be one of several big bugaboos for the censors, who appear to be more comfortable seeing women raped, beaten or otherwise kept in their place.
A writer for the notoriously intellectual NPR has listed five celebrity tell-alls as "The Year's Best Guilty Reads." 
With so many good books out there to read, to focus on this junk, even with tongue in cheek, isn't worthy of comment.
Rick Springfield?
On the New York Times, James Franco, complete with pornstache, places a lip lock on himself.
Is porn art?
I think it can be, but usually isn't, since there usually isn't enough skill involved to make the video's more than temporarily memorable.
I digress, however.
The following item from The Los Angeles Times--about male porn star Derrick Burts' discovery that he's HIV+--is less about sex and more about health, but Burt, who performed under the names Cameron Reid and Derek Chambers in both straight and gay films, describes himself as a performer, so I've included his story here.


Play safely out there, folks.

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