Orange Bits: Stacy Clark, Lights Over Paris, the Steelwells

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The Steelwells
In this week's edition of news we didn't write, we have the Steelwells, Stacy Clark, Lights Over Paris and more...
  • If you ever wanted to know more about Fullerton's the Steelwells, here is a nifty new video interview from USFTV. [YT]
  • OC songbird Stacy Clark talks about her recent record deal with Vanguard Records and the success of her new album which had an iTunes single of the week and has been featured on One Tree Hill and The Hills. [OCR] 
  • Lights Over Paris found their singer via a random search on AOL Instant Messenger in 2002.The "pop with a twist" band has a new single, Turn out the Lights, out which is receiving decent airplay.  [DT]
  • Crystal Antlers released a new song, "Seance," from their upcoming album, via a video presented by Room 205. [Incase]

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