He's Steven Slater, Bitches: Jet Blue Employee Turned Folk Hero Turned...Rapper?

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Former Jet Blue employee Steven Slater became a household name this summer after quitting his job in epic fashion.

It wasn't just another day on the job back August 9 when Slater got into an argument with a passenger over a package. He had finally had enough. The former flight attendant announced over the intercom that he was quitting, grabbed some beers for good measure and slid down the emergency inflatable slide.

It was almost a page out of former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin's playbook, only more authentic and in the wallows of a jobless recovery. That context propelled Slater to become instantly beloved by the "Fuck my job, I don't get paid enough to put up with this shit" masses.
And now he's a rapper?

After the incident, Slater told reporters that he looked forward to "a little down time, a little beach time, enjoying the rest of the summer." With instant name recognition, he was reportedly offered a reality television show in the interim to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame.

Instead, Slater has taken a job as a judge for the "Mile High Text Club" contest that has passengers vying for a lunch date with him as well as a holiday shopping trip to New York City.

All people have to do is text their most outrageous "flying story" they either witnessed or did themselves. The contest is sponsored Line 2, an IPhone app that Slater also now finds himself a spokesperson for.

Looking like a Sith lord and with an equally tortured flow, "MC Slater" raps in a new music video/advertisement for the contest and app that, "Now I'm pimping Line 2 / And the killer app it is / My legal fees are paid / By the dot com biz." What's worse, he does it all over a weak approximation of Dead Prez's beat for their classic song "Hip Hop." The group already had to address rapper Drake's theft of their flow on the anthem, now this pure blasphemy!

Slater could have used his folk hero status and name recognition to draw attention to the underpaid, overworked abuses Jet Blue flight attendant's face, but that's not how things work these days. Now he's just another corporate spokesperson in a celebrity craving culture. Slater rhymes "I'm pimping Line 2" when it's really the other way around.

Line 2 is pimpin' you!

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