Lil Wayne: Probation, ON; Alcohol, OFF

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According to all-knowing TMZ, now that Lil Wayne is free from his sentence of gun possession, serving only eight months of his year-long sentence, he's found out the rules of his probation. The rules "clearly state that Wayne 'may not consume or drink any substance containing alcohol' as long as he's on probation ... for the next 36 months."

Wayne here's a list of other things he can't do:

1. Can't "knowingly associate with any person engaged in criminal activity or any person with a criminal record without prior written approval from the probation department."

2. Can't "possess illegal drugs, toxic vapors or controlled substances."

3. Can't violate "any of the terms of his probation -- he could be sent to prison to serve out the remainder of his term."

Poor Lil Wayne. If it's any consolation, Welcome Home Weezy Week on MTV is a hit! Watch below:

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