OK Go--True Artists or Just Exhausted? Watch the 'Last Leaf' Video

OK Go's video for their latest single, "Last Leaf" is totally made up of photographs--15 still shots for every second of the two minute, 44 second video. All on what looks like edible toast. It's totally cute, like a Shel Silverstein book. But it also leads me to think that OK Go are far better as performance artists than musicians. If you look at what OK Go is doing beyond the gimmicks, you'll see that their work really lends itself to a clever DIY aesthetic, with a sense of humor that makes their work easily accessible. Still, I have questions.

Such as:
1. Are they taking a break from choreographed dance moves?
2. Did they eat all the toast?
3. How did the illustrations get on the bread?
4. Was there a lot of computer work involved?

We've asked their publicist these questions and will update you as we find out; in the meantime, watch "Last Leaf" after the jump.

Last Leaf

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

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