Gettin' Made: Falling into Fall

I know it's been ridiculously warm this week, but trust me. It's fall. Let's celebrate by checking out some indie arts and crafts featuring falling leaves on Etsy!

"Amber Blaze" photograph by Abby Blaine

After the jump, more leafy items to help convince you it's fall.

Squirrel Food earrings by Next Chapter

These are such cute, shiny and simple earrings--they'd add a a fun touch of whimsy to any of your fall outfits. (Just watch yourself when walking through any parks!)

Effloresce necklace by Panopli

This great fabric necklace tops you off with an explosion of fallen leaves grouped around your neck in a fab assortment of fall colors.

Leaf dangle earrings by Morgan Prather

Heading out on the town or on your way to a fancy dinner? You can still rock the fall leaves vibe with a pair of silver leaf earrings. I love the delicate tiny details in these leaves!

Tiny Leaf wrap bracelet by Silkstone Designs

If you're not into big statement pieces, you can still wear fall leaves--take a peek at the tiny leaf featured on this wrap bracelet. It's just the tiniest hint of fall, which is pretty much what we're all getting at night right now. Just don't get to comfortable in your warm jacket--the temperature is almost certain to be back in the '80s again tomorrow! (sigh.)

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