Did They Eat the Toast? The Most Important Question About OK Go's 'Last Leaf' Video, Answered

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A few days ago, we witnessed OK Go's latest video for their single "Last Leaf." Made up of hundreds of photographs--15 still shots for every second of the two minute, 44 second video--it's  a touching story of love and loss drawn...on pieces of toast.

Because it seemed really simple yet convoluted at the same time, we asked OK Go a couple of questions--mostly about what happened to the toast. Read drummer Dan Konopka's answers after the jump.

Last Leaf

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OC Weekly: Is OK Go taking a break from choreographed dance moves?

Dan Konopka: It's hard to say. We aren't professional dancers, so dancing isn't necessarily instinctual for us. Although, if the next great video idea we have requires some dancing, we'll do it.

How did the illustrations get on the bread?

The illustrations were painstakingly rendered on each piece of toast one-by-one with a laser printer.

Did you eat all the toast?

The toast was not eaten. The bread was given to us or purchased after its expiration date. Plus the process of burning the toast apparently renders the bread inedible.

Was there a lot of computer work involved?

Yes, But what you see is basically stop-motion photography of many pieces of burnt toast. Computers were used to help the transfer of illustrations and combine all the photos.

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