The Pixies Launch New Website, Asks Fans to 'Help Build Their Archive'

Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly launched today, which means the Pixies now have a real website for fans instead of squatting on 4AD's site.

As the email said, "It feels like the right time for the band to have a proper home, share some music, and provide a place for fans and the band to communicate." The clincher? The band will be releasing live shows for us to watch once a week--right now its Live at Coachella, 2004. Now, if that statement right now makes you think (as I am right now) " I was at that show! I have pictures! I can share them!" you are in luck. The Pixies want fans to "help add content to the site," which means photos, memorabilia, videos, tweets. The Pixies: Crowdsourcing the past for a better future!

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