The Dickies and a Gazillion Other Bands for an Oktoberfest Blow Out at the Wharf

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The Warf show 10_23_10.jpg
Just look at this flyer and tell me it's not the most punk rock thing you've ever seen. Look--the Nirvana baby with a mohawk! Mismatched fonts! Seventeen different bands on the lineup! Three-chord-songs from 11:30 a.m. to whenever! Aaaaaand the Dickies!
The show, which will also feature The Crowd, The Detours, The Galway Hooker Band, Long Beach Allday, Yeastie Boys, The Sustainers, The New Skool Kings, Scattergood, Disguster, Wastey Face, El Nada, Scattergood, Poop, and The Whistle Blowers, will be held at the Wharf, 555 Pico Ave., Long Beach. All ages, $12.

If you're still not sure, here's a video to convince you. And the best comment we saw today, courtesy of Facebook:

Some dude:
I'm going to go as the Dickies for Halloween.
Girl's response: All of them?
Some dude: Well if I went as only one of them I'd just be a dick.

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