Shaving Off the Moostache: the Wardell Brothers Are Changing Their Name, Not Their Tunes

The Wardell brothers of Huntington Beach, better known as Moostache, decided it was time for a change in their music. After the departure of guitarist Scott Zschomler, the brothers changed their sound and their name.

According to singer Patrick Wardell, the brothers and the guitarist grew apart musically. "We had a small rift, but there are no hard feelings. We ended on good terms," he said. "We just weren't having as much fun."

They are still deciding on a new name, but are leaning towards the Wardells. That's what they named their new project on Myspace, anyhow.

Besides a new name, the Wardells added a new guitarist, Mason Stoops who they met via a musicians wanted online listing. Stoops joined the band about two weeks ago.

"We tried to do just the brothers thing, but we needed a guitarist for live shows. We kept him on because we liked him so much," Wardell said.

According to Wardell his music style is always changing. "I'm always switching styles," he said. "The songs change because I change."

They have an entirely new set, but will play some Moostache songs at upcoming shows. They will play at The Detroit Bar on Oct. 18. Wardell said that show will still be billed as "Moostache."

Wardell said the band has plans of recording a new album in the near future.

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